If we each do a little, together we can do a lot!

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Julius Marks has an active and vibrant PTA. We support our school through volunteer programs and fundraising efforts. We are deeply committed to the students at Julius Marks and hope you will join us in our volunteer efforts. Our PTA needs everyone to be involved to make our school a shining success!

A Winning Team

The PTA provides an opportunity for communication between parents and teachers. Research shows that when parents/families and teachers get involved and work together, children do better in school. This involvement helps ensure our children's success.

So, the first step is to join the PTA. Joining doesn't mean you're signing up for any work, it simply gives money to help the valuable programs that the PTA funds throughout the school year.  Membership is $5.00 for individuals, and $20.00 for families.

To join, you can pick up a membership form in the front office, call the school at 381-3470 or print the form using the link to the right of this screen.

If you are willing to help out, take the next step and volunteer. Even helping out with one function a year makes a huge difference. Plus helping out at school events is a perfect way to observe your kid in action and connect with other parents.

If interested, a list of annual functions are listed below. And don't forget to turn in your volunteer hours at the front office! Our school gets "graded" on how active its parents are.

If you have any questions about the PTA, please call the school for info on how to contact one of the board members.

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